The 2019 Calendar is Out!

2019 Calendar - Take a look!!

2019 Calendar - Take a look!!

It’s going to be a busy year!

We hope you’ll join us as a volunteer, participant, client and/or attendee at our special events.

This calendar includes a listing of all program sessions, makeup weeks, therapy dates, photography weeks, special events, volunteer orientations/trainings, CEUs, professional instruction, and office closings.

PLEASE REMEMBER: ALL dates are subject to change and some events are still TBD at this point.

We hope this helps to plan your 2019.

2019 Calendar

Terminology Demystified

Adaptive or Therapeutic Riding? Rider or Client/Patient?

yes and no=image.jpg

We know it’s confusing! You’ve probably heard a lot of different terms being used out there.

Well the American Hippotherapy Association, Inc. is here to help. They’ve recently published a comprehensive list of terminology which will make it easier to understand what goes on at Mane Stream and tell others about the services we provide.

Let's clarify what's happening at Mane Stream!

AHA, Inc. Abbreviated Terminology Guildelines (Green=Yes, Red=No)

AHA guidelines abbrev.jpg

Full Guidelines can be found here: AHA Terminology Guidelines

Satisfies the Soul & Keeps Me Coming Back!

In her own words - Piper Sheldon’s Story

Volunteering always satisfies my soul more than any other activity.

Volunteering always satisfies my soul more than any other activity.

I moved to Lebanon in 2010 and drove past the barn twice a day on my way to work in the Operations and Compliance Dept. at a financial firm in Bedminster. I always noticed Beyra in the paddock and thought she was gorgeous! I had been wanting to get back into riding (I rode briefly in my middle school days) but didn’t have the funds, lol. Volunteering has always been close to my heart. I’ve participated with Habitat for Humanity on a couple of their Women Builds. I’m very good with kids and after a little bit of research, I found that Mane Stream was a perfect fit to get my horse fix, hang out with kids and like-minded animal/horse people.

I attended the volunteer orientation in late 2011 and started volunteering the following January. I have always participated in speech-language pathology since starting in 2012 and have enjoyed every client along the way. My favorite part of the barn is being part of something bigger than me and helping all the people that benefit from the therapies offered. My favorite memories are when clients have a breakthrough or “aha moment”…. speaking a complete sentence, reaching a milestone, communicating what they want and have it be heard and validated, etc. I love being a part of clients’ successes!

Beyra was the horse who drew me into Mane Stream and though I love the entire herd, Beyra will always have the #1 spot in my heart. She was a gem and there will never be another like her. I felt a real connection to her and will always treasure my time spent with and around her. Coming in a close second are Dart, Blaze, Minnie, and Ian. Dart is just funny. Blaze is the best stop/starter around. Minnie is a woman after my own heart since she is all business and Ian is just a sweet guy walking around with his crazy mane looking like a life-size Ugg boot.

I have made lifelong friends in other volunteers and staff. The most important thing I have learned at the barn is teamwork. It takes a whole crew working together to make the 45-minute session count for the client. They are the whole reason we are there. Helping them reach their goals and make sure they succeed is our only job. We have to leave our own stuff at the door and show up for these amazing people. I am a better human because of the time I have spent volunteering at Mane Stream.

Volunteering always satisfies my soul more than any other activity.
It’s good for the heart and keeps me coming back to Mane Stream week after week!

Perseverance & Determination When Put to the Test

The Therapist’s observation from day one…

As staff, we always enjoy working with new volunteers and watching them learn and grow. Coordinator of Therapy Services, Melanie Dominko-Richards recounts Piper Sheldon’s first day 7 years ago...

Prince could sniff out a NEW volunteer from a mile away!

Prince could sniff out a NEW volunteer from a mile away!

The horses at Mane Stream are the best of the best, but they each have their own quirks. They can sniff out a new volunteer a mile away and will ALWAYS put them to the test. Piper is no exception. Her bright and bubbly personality did not phase Prince the Pony one bit as he decided how he was going to test Piper. After I helped get his halter on, Piper led Prince down the aisle towards the crossties for grooming. Prince had other plans. He took Piper on a tour of the barn, checking out each stall along the way for left over “schnibbles” in the feed tubs and on the floor. With each stall, Piper didn't lose her cool as she tried to convince Prince that it was time to work and not for an afternoon snack.

It's great to look back on this memory and think how Piper showed perseverance and determination, and still maintained her sense of humor. Prince eventually learned who he was dealing with and gave her minimal trouble the following weeks!

Having a volunteer like Piper who knows the ropes is beneficial because she can mentor new volunteers. She is also great in working with the therapists and can "pick up what we're puttin' down." Like a catcher to a pitcher, she knows what each gesture, facial expression, and voice intonation means. She incorporates that information into each session to help our clients reach their goals.

Thanks Piper for not giving up when put to the test!
We're so glad to have you on the Mane Stream team!!

Keep Learning with CEUs!

We invest time to make YOU the best volunteer you can be.

Well…we also think learning is fun! Throughout the year we offer a variety of CEU workshops to help you provide the best experience for the participants and help you learn more about our horses. Many of these workshops will have a hands-on learning portion in addition to a classroom presentation.

The first Volunteer CEU is Anatomy & Conformation on 1/29 @ 6:30pm

The first Volunteer CEU is Anatomy & Conformation on 1/29 @ 6:30pm

Eight CEUs are scheduled between now and June 18th.

Grooming 2.0
Tack: Adaptive vs. Therapy Equipment Equine Behavior & Communication
Communicating with Our Participants Equine Anatomy/Conformation
Basic Sign Language
Equine Movement Experience
Long Lining for Therapy

After you take a look at all that we offer, let the Volunteer Coordinator know if you are interested in any or all workshops.

Check the EVENTS Page to see when each workshop has been scheduled.

The Herd's Holiday Wishlist

All of the Mane Stream herd is on the nice list this year! They have each added to the holiday wish list hoping to find something special under the tree or in their stocking at the holiday open house. (Of course, treats are always a favorite) Please check out the holiday wish list to see what your favorite horse is asking for this year.

Blaze - Stall Guard  (Black/Grey)
Buzz - Fly Mask (Horse Size)
Chandler - Cross Tie (Black)
Dart - Fly Mask (Small Pony)
Justin - Fly Mask (Small Pony)
Minnie - Cotton Lead Rope (Sky blue/black)
Myrell - Bell Boots (Black/XL)
Ian - #10 Clipper Blades or T-84 Clipper Blades
Tink - Fly Bonnet  (Black/Cob)
Sam - Fly Bonnet (Black/Pony)
Joe - Mosquito Halt
Dorito - Breakaway Halter (Black/horse)
Arjo - Mosquito Halt
Mel - Fly Bonnet (Black/Pony)


Making a difference in Daniel's Life

pict 1.jpg

“Riding is better than the letter U!” says Daniel, a 5 year old adaptive rider. It takes a lot to be better than the letter of the week in preschool so we know this is very high praise. Last spring Daniel was in the first child-only session of Horses for Healing (H4H), a program for individuals living with cancer. He enjoyed his time with the horses and with program coordinator Kelly so much, that he started riding lessons as soon as his H4H session finished.

In March 2016, Daniel was diagnosed with an aggressive type of brain cancer called Medulloblastoma. He had his first brain surgery within days of his diagnosis and spent over 150 nights at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). His treatments included high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplants. Daniel’s parents, Lisa and Stuart, split their time between CHOP with Daniel and at home in Glen Ridge with their older son Ryan helping with homework and getting him to ice hockey practice.

Daniel is currently in remission and his prognosis is positive. Due to all of the surgeries and treatments he had at such a young age, Daniel needed to re-learn how to talk, walk and eat. Daniel’s physical therapist strongly recommended horseback riding as an activity to help Daniel build core strength and balance. Lisa recalls that the therapist “singled out Mane Stream as providing excellent services.”

While researching Mane Stream they found our Horses for Healing program information and hoped it would be a good fit. They appreciated that, thanks to our generous donors, the program is free. Daniel and his preschool classmate Katelyn (also a cancer survivor) were the first two participants in our kid’s version of H4H.

pict 2.jpg

Daniel was definitely hesitant about the horses before coming to the farm for the first time since he had never been around them before. His stem cell transplants meant he couldn’t go near animals while in treatment. Now, as his dad says, “he loves coming to the farm and literally counts the days until his next lesson.”

Daniel is not able to participate in many traditional recreational sports. Riding at Mane Stream provides Daniel with a safe physical activity and he can participate in a sport just like his friends do.

Daniel, like many of our riders and clients, continues to receive physical, occupational and speech-language therapy weekly. According to his dad, adding weekly riding lessons has a positive impact. “Daniel’s balance has definitely improved. And his ability to follow directions is much better than it used to be.” These are great examples of how spending time on a Mane Stream horse translates to concrete benefits in everyday life. Riding programs at Mane Stream are designed to adapt to the rider’s abilities and ensure the best possible experiences and outcomes.

You are key to making sure that Daniel and all of the children and adults with special needs in Mane Stream’s therapy and riding programs are able to reach their goals, have fun, learn a new skill and improve their strength, balance and coordination.

Your gift to Mane Stream will:

  • Buy food and bedding for the horses

  • Train our volunteers and staff

  • Keep our horses healthy and happy

  • Provide memorable experiences for children of all abilities at summer camp

  • Maintain our beautiful 12-acre farm

  • Give joy and confidence to over 250 riders and clients!

pict 3.jpg

Thank you for helping Mane Stream change lives – one person at a time. Have a wonderful holiday season.


Trish Hegeman, Executive Director

P.S. Did you know that Mane Stream hosts field trips for schools and scout troops, outings for adults with dementia and programs for veterans and children living with grief? Find out more at or on Facebook.

Holiday Open House - Let's Celebrate!

Holiday Party 2018 eCurrent image.jpg

Come take pictures with your favorite Mane Stream horse and give them a sweet treat or two (candy canes, carrots or apples)!

Bring a dessert/snack or just yourself! (warm beverages & snacks provided)


If you would like bring a snack to share please contact Rebecca Jablonski ( so that we can plan appropriately. THANKS!

#GivingTuesday Goal Met!!

Thanks to everyone who donated for #GivingTuesday!!

Because of YOU, we surpassed our #brightsmilesatmanestream goal of $3,000 including donations via Facebook, online and in-person. And let's not forget those matching donors! Your support is what makes it all possible.

The funds collected will cover the annual costs of the dental care for our herd so that they can all have healthy, strong teeth, and shiny, bright smiles! THANK YOU!

#ShowYourChompers Selfies

#GivingTuesday Out-Takes - Oh My!

A Cornucopia of Thanks and a Flock of Turkeys!

Being thankful for….

Mane Stream started celebrating Thanksgiving a little early this year with the bulletin board that went up at the beginning of November. But can you really start too early? Shouldn’t you always remember to be thankful for what you have and who you know?

This year our cornucopia overflowed with all the reasons why the staff, volunteers and participants are thankful in their daily lives.

…and then there’s the goofier side of celebrating Thanksgiving!

You can’t say that Mane Stream isn’t fun! Maybe we’re a little different but we believe every day at Mane Stream should be fun. It doesn’t matter if you are working on your therapy goals or trying to master trotting. At Mane Stream it’s normal to…

…find a flock of turkeys right around Thanksgiving time.

I’m Motivated with Horses Back in My Life!

Roos is currently working on feeling more secure in a bigger trot, and wants to focus on her sitting trot next year to improve her balance.

Roos is currently working on feeling more secure in a bigger trot, and wants to focus on her sitting trot next year to improve her balance.

Roos Cecil came to Mane Stream in January of 2017 after reading an article in “MS Connect” magazine. The article was about a man with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and the many benefits he experienced from his adaptive riding lessons. Roos grew up riding but stopped when she started having symptoms of MS. She considered riding again, but didn’t think a ‘normal’ riding school could accommodate her. After reading the article, she searched online for adaptive riding and discovered Mane Stream!

Primarily an English rider (dressage and some jumping) in her youth, Roos also enjoyed riding Western and trail rides for fun. After riding on and off for more than 30 years she was proficient and really enjoyed the sport. But being back on a horse now can be frustrating. She laments that she can’t do what she used to be able to, but says she definitely feels good about riding again. And she loves being around the horses!

The challenge of riding is the element that Roos loves most. Riding provides a break from her daily life of sitting behind a computer. She says that even when her body doesn’t feel like cooperating, she is always motivated to come to Mane Stream for her lesson. Roos’ PATH Intl. Registered Instructor, Casey McMahon, said “When Roos first started riding at Mane Stream she was so happy just to be back in the saddle. She has come a long way since that first day! She challenges herself every time she rides.

Roos loves riding Dorito (Thank you Andrea Davey!), and thinks he’s perfect for her needs but has appreciated every horse she has ridden for the experience it has given her.

Casey and Roos have set a goal for her to canter again. Casey said “Roos is beyond dedicated to returning to where she previously was in her riding ability.” In general, Roos wants to get back to where she was when she stopped riding about 10 years ago, before the MS symptoms started. Though she compares herself to her former level, Casey believes she should be proud of where she is now and what she has achieved.

Roos always pushes herself in small ways. She dismounts to the ground instead of to the ramp, which is more challenging for her. She also likes to mount from the smaller block. This pushes her balance and forces her muscles to work before she is even on the horse. Casey says, “She truly is an inspiration and such a joy to work with. Even when she has met her limit for the day, just walking around on Dorito and chit-chatting about things makes her happy.”

Focusing on specific goals during her adaptive riding lessons has encouraged Roos to improve her stamina and core strength. Roos says this gives her a reason to do the exercises she has to do at home. Since MS makes you tired without a good reason, it’s easy to skip the work outs. She now feels more motivated with the horses back in her life! Roos says Mane Stream is a wonderful place - “the volunteers and staff are super-friendly, and I always feel welcome and encouraged. I feel very lucky that I’m able to ride at Mane Stream.”

You Can Help Someone Like Roos!

Share Roos’ story and help someone find Mane Stream. OR consider volunteering on a weekly basis to be a part of our participants’ success stories.