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Birthday: January 1, 2002
Breed: Welsh Pony Cross Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Height: 12.2
Donated by: Police Athletic League of New Jersey


Since joining Mane Stream in September 2012, he has become a favorite among our therapists. His choppy gate and anterior/posterior movement works well for a variety of therapy clients. Thank you to the Police Athletic League of NJ for donating such a great pony for our therapy program.




Birthday: 2002
Breed: Thoroughbred Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Height: 16.1 hands
Discipline: Hunter Jumper
Show Name: Why the Buzz
Donated by: Renae Flanagan


Buzz joined Mane Stream in the summer of 2016 where he immediately loved participating in camp and became fast friends with Navajo. We thank Renae Flanagan for donating Buzz who is kind to the novice riders and provides a great Walk, Trot, Canter for the more advanced riders. 



Birthday: 2004
Breed: Warmblood Gelding
Color: Dark Bay
Height: 16.2 hands
Discipline: Hunter
Show Name: Chandler
Donated by: The Powers Family


Chandler was accepted into the Mane Stream program in May of 2017. This big boy is a total sweetheart and loves all the other horses (especially Dart), volunteers and participants. A BIG thank you to The Powers Family and Duncraven Stables where Chandler previously resided.






Birthday: 2001
Breed: Dartmoor Cross Pony Gelding
Color: Bay
Height: 12.1 hands
Donated by: Julie Goetz


Dart came to Mane Stream in 2010 and has excelled in our therapy program. He is a favorite among the volunteers and is often referred to as the “cutest pony”.  Dart provides roational movement for his tiny therapy clients. Thank you Julie Goetz for donating this amazing little pony!





Birthday: 1993
Breed: Pinto Gelding
Height: 15.2 hands
Donated by: Andrea Davey


Dorito joined the Mane Stream herd in December of 2016. Before that you would find him doing lessons at Red Field Training. Dorito became an instant favorite at Mane Stream because of his amazing coloring and personality.  Volunteers and riders love him but the instructors especially enjoy his steady eddy attitude. Thank you Andrea Davey for parting with your special lesson horse!   




Birthday: July 29, 1995
Breed: Norwegian Fjord Gelding
Height: 14.1 hands
Donated by: Virginia Lazzio


Ian came to Mane Stream in July of 2012. It might just be that he is a Fjord but Ian really is a favorite among many at Mane Stream. Ian’s kind nature and calmness make him a wonderful therapy pony for larger clients who can benefit from the lateral movement that he provides.  Ian is also just great riding horse for those who need a bomb-proof partner. Thank you Virginia Lazzio for donating this sweet Fjord! 


Birthday: 2000
Breed: Welsh Gelding
Color: Palomino
Height: 12.1 hands
Show Name: Just In Time
Donated by: Dana Hart of Hart Farm


Justin quickly fell into place at Mane Stream in May of 2016.  A favorite of everyone especially for our therapy programs, Justin is also a favorite during summer camp. This cuddly, little teddy bear was donated by Dana Hart of Hart Farm and we can’t thank you enough!  






Birthday: January 1, 1997
Breed: Hanoverian Gelding
Color: Bay
Height: 16.3 hands
Discipline: Junior Equitation and Jumpers
Show Name: Cactus Joe
Donated by: Dana Blaicher


Joe came to Mane Stream in November of 2017 after years of competing in the Junior equitation and jumpers. Now Joe is a favorite among the adaptive riders at Mane Stream. Joe is also a favorite during summer camp.  Thank you Dana Blaicher for donating this big boy! 





Birthday: 1993
Breed: Welsh Cross Pony Mare
Color: Grey
Height: 13.1 Hands
Discipline: Pony Hunter
Show Name: Follow Me
Donated by: Sandy & Barry Lobel of Raven’s Wood Farm


Mel came to Mane Stream with Navajo in August of 2015 and has been a dream in both our therapy and  adaptive riding programs. She has a super smooth canter that makes her perfect for riders just learning.  Thank you for donating this versatile pony Sandy and Barry Lobel of Raven’s Wood Farm! 





Birthday: May 28, 2003
Breed: Norwegian Fjord Mare
Color: Brown Dun
Height: 14.2 hands
Discipline: Pleasure
Show Name: Minnie Sterjna
Donated by: Sheila and John Tweedie


Minnie came to us all the way from Virginia in November of 2011 where she enjoyed spending time both on the trail and in the ring. Now she provides rotational movement for our larger therapy clients and great natural impulsion for our adaptive riders. We are grateful to Sheila and John Tweedie for purchasing Minnie for Mane Stream!




Birthday: January 1, 1996
Breed: Westphalian Mare
Color: Bay
Height: 16.2 hands
Discipline: Dressage
Donated by: Wendy Wisz


Myrell had a successful career as a dressage horse before joining the Mane Stream herd November of 2012.  Her wonderful attitude and calm nature makes her a favorite with the instructors who can place even the smallest of riders on her back. Myrell was donated by Wendy Wisz who stops by frequently to spoil her with her favorite treat, bananas.  




Birthday: April 16, 2004
Breed: Welsh Pony Gelding
Color: Grey
Height: 13 hands
Discipline: Child Pony Hunter
Show Name: Lucky Eagle
Donated by: Joy Kloss


Sam came to Mane Stream in February 2018 after working many years as a child pony hunter lesson pony. Now he is a great asset to our therapy and adaptive riding program. He was graciously donated by Joy Kloss and we are very thankful!







Birthday: April 10, 2004
Breed: Paint Mare
Color: Sorrel
Height: 15 hands
Discipline: Pleasure
Show Name: Invited to the Party


Tink came to Mane Stream in July of 2010. Tink is a total sweetheart who loves attention and is a real pro at her job! She has one of the smoothest jogs making her a great horse to learn on. She is also one of our most photogenic horses and thus in a lot of our marketing materials!