prospective participants

Thank you for your interest in Mane Stream! Below you will find information about applying for the programs at Mane Stream. Please read the information and complete all of the forms, including the required signatures. Please note that ALL signatures on these forms must be by the adult participant (over 18 years old) or a parent/legal guardian. No other signatures will be accepted.

The following forms are required to process an application:

  • Participant Information
  • Accident Waiver
  • Medical Release
  • Annual Medical History and Physician’s Statement

When all paperwork is complete, it will be reviewed by Mane Stream’s staff and an initial free screening will be performed.

At the screening, program options, scheduling, insurance questions, and fees will be discussed. If appropriate, the potential participant will take a short ride on a horse or pony. The participant will then be scheduled into the appropriate Mane Stream program or service.

It is our goal to place every potential participant as fast as we can, but there may be a short wait. Mane Stream reserves the right to decline service if we do not have the appropriate resources to provide the service safely.

Please choose a Mane Stream program that fits your needs from the options below.

If you are unsure which service you are interested in or
if you have any further questions, please contact:

Jen Dermody, Head Instructor or
ext. 207

Melanie Dominko-Richards, MS, CCC-SLP, HPCS, Coordinator of Therapy Services or ext. 208