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therapy services

What services does Mane Stream offer?

Mane Stream offers occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and physical therapy.

What therapy strategies do you use?
Therapists choose from many strategies to benefit the children and adults they work with.  Therapists at Mane Stream have training in PROMPT method, NDT, Sensory Integration and DIR/Floortime.  We also utilize whole body vibration provided by a TheraPlate to address issues with tone, provide sensory input and facilitate weight shift and gait training.

Why use the horse?
In therapy, the client engages in activities on the horse that are enjoyable and challenging. The therapist is able to modify the horse’s movement and carefully grade sensory input creating a foundation which aids in improving neurological function and sensory processing. This foundation can be generalized to a wide range of daily activities.

Are there any limitations for participants?
There is a list of precautions and contraindications that guide whether equine movement will be included in a persons’ plan of care. The list is included in the participant package and should be read by the attending physician before signing the Annual medical form.  Participants may still receive therapy in the clinic when equine movement is contraindicated.

What is a typical therapy session like?
A therapy session will include a variety of strategies to assist the client in meeting their goals.  This means that the session may begin in the clinic or with the horse or the horse may be engaged later in the session.  There is no typical amount of time that equine movement is utilized for each client.

How often are therapy sessions? How long are the sessions?
Clients typically come to therapy one time per week for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Frequency and duration are determined by the referring physician and the treating therapist. Clients receive therapy until their goals are met, they have a change in status or are no longer progressing and are discharged from therapy.  Therapy is provided on a plan of care basis in 4 or 8 month duration.

Is therapy conducted year-round?
Therapyat Mane Stream operates approximately 46 weeks of the year. Mane Stream is closed the remaining 6 weeks throughout the year.

What is the cost of therapy?
Therapy sessions range from $85.00 to $170.00 depending on the length of the session.

Is therapy at Mane Stream covered by insurance?
If your plan covers out-patient and out-of-network therapy services, your sessions should be covered.  Some insurance companies do cover outpatient occupation, physical or speech therapy that is not in network. Please discuss this further with the Director of Therapy Services.

Are missed therapy sessions made up?
Client absences are made depending on available appointments.

What is the procedure to receive therapy at Mane Stream?
Once all required paperwork is received in the office, you will attend a free screening. Once screened, patients will confirm and appointment time and be given a multi-disciplinary evaluation.

Do I have to have an evaluation at Mane Stream?
Yes, we are required to provide an evaluation of the patients we treat to determine needs and goals. We appreciate evaluations completed by school and other professions, but Mane Stream provides a multi-disciplinary evaluation for all clients prior to providing services.

Is there a waiting list?
No, Mane Stream does not have a waiting list and is currently scheduling clients in private 1:1 sessions and group therapy sessions.

Will my child learn riding skills?
No, riding skills are not taught during therapy sessions.  Clients do not ride the horses, the horse is always controlled by a trained horse handler under the direction of the treating therapist.

What is AHA?
Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, the American Hippotherapy Association, Inc. is recognized as part of the international community that provides education, facilitates research, and promotes equine assisted therapy as an effective treatment strategy that improves the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.  AHA provides therapists with education regarding the safe and effective use of equine movement in a medical setting.   For more information on AHA, visit their website at americanhippotherapyassociation.org.

For more information contact:
Gina Taylor, MS OT HPCS, Director of Therapy Services,
Gina@manestreamnj.org or ext. 208

adaptive riding

What is adaptive riding?
Adaptive riding is horseback riding under the guidance of a PATH-certified Instructor with assistance from trained volunteers.

What is PATH?
PATH – Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International is the national accrediting and certifying body for professionals in the Equine Assisted Activities field. For more information on PATH, visit their website at pathintl.org.

How many riders are in each lesson?
Adaptive riding lessons that are taught in private and semi-private format. Riders in private lessons are 1:1 with an instructor allowing for individualized and intensive instruction.  Riders in a semi-private class are 2:1 with an instructor allowing for both social interaction as well skill progression.

How often do riders ride? How long are the lessons?
Riders may ride once per week or may sign up for multiple lessons per week. Adaptive riding lessons are 30 minutes, including mounting and dismounting.  

Do you offer private lessons?
Yes, Mane Stream offers private riding lessons geared towards individual riding goals.  Private lessons are perfect for riders wishing to progress to the next skill level.

What is the cost of lessons?
Lessons are $55 per private lesson and $50 per semi-private riding lesson, payable at the start of each session.

Are missed lessons made up?
Rider absences are not made up. If a rider can not ride for an extended time because of medical reasons, a credit will be applied. If Mane Stream cancels a lesson for any reason, a credit will be applied towards the next session.

Are adaptive riding lessons covered by insurance?
No,  riding lessons are not therapy and do not involve a therapist in any way.

What is the procedure to ride at Mane Stream?
Once all required paperwork is received in the office, you will be notified and you/your child will set up an appointment for a free screening.   Once screened, riders will be able to sign up in an appropriate lesson.

Are there any limitations for participants?
There is a list of precautions and contraindications that guide whether riding is appropriate for everyone. The list is included in the participant package and should be read by the attending physician before signing the annual medical form.

How long is the waiting list?
Mane Stream does not currently have a waiting list and has a rolling enrollment for new participants.

For more information contact:
Jen Dermody, Equine Manager
Jen@manestreamnj.org or ext. 207

summer camp

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