Rutgers OTA Completes Fieldwork at Mane Stream


Meet Keribeth Walsh!

Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTAs) are required to complete a 40 hour fieldwork placement and Mane Stream has become one of the favorite locations in the area. These placements are chosen by fieldwork coordinators and once at Mane Stream they work closely with Gina Taylor, MS, OT, HPCS. Keribeth just completed her placement at Mane Stream. When asked to talk about Keribeth, Gina willingly wanted to share... Keribeth's time as a student here was enriching to Mane Stream clients through her interactions with them and her ability to share about her own children.  Keribeth demonstrated skills that families look for when working with an occupational therapy practitioner- empathy, good clinical reasoning and judgement.  I enjoyed having Keribeth as a fieldwork student and, as a faculty member for RVCC’s Occupational Therapy Assistant program, believe that fieldwork education helps students put classroom learning into practice.”

Keribeth shares about her time at Mane Stream

I am a mother of 3 whose middle child was born with developmental disabilities. I loved learning from Gina and the other therapists, and gathering ideas that I can take home and work on with my own son.

How has your time at Mane Stream impacted your future? One of the things I love most about OT is its versatility.  In terms of my future, what I am learning during my time at Mane Stream will stay with me no matter where I work.

How does therapy at Mane Stream differ compared to traditional clinics? I don’t yet have a lot of experience in a traditional clinic setting, but what I do appreciate seeing at Mane Stream is the multi-disciplinary approach used.  There is also a calmness at this site despite the strong work ethic the therapists possess. I’m not certain I’d find that anywhere else.

What’s been the most surprising thing you have learned during your time here? What I am most surprised about is how adaptable it is to so many clients of varying abilities.  I am equally impressed with the skills that can be taught simply by utilizing a horse during treatment.

Do you think more therapists would like working in this non-traditional environment? Why? I do think therapists would enjoy working at Mane Stream. The horses provide a unique and fun addition to therapy, but they also help to enhance the session in a way that is very hard to replicate in a traditional setting.

What favorite moments will you always remember? I love to see the faces of the children as they are astride the horses because it allows even the child with complex issues the opportunity to enjoy an experience that most children love, while providing them with valuable therapy at the same time.