Meet the 5 Camp Interns!

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The 2019 Mane Stream Summer Camp Team

2019 Camp Intern - Mary.jpg

Mary Arnuk

Currently studying to become a teacher at Farleigh Dickinson University, and hoping to work towards a special education certificate, Mary Arnuk decided that Mane Stream would be the perfect place to complement her studies. Mary is returning to Mane Stream after volunteering for camp for the last two years. Mane Stream’s internship was so different than any other internship she was considering. The hands-on experience to apply her skills was very appealing and she believed it would be beneficial to her major. For all of these reasons, Mary knew Mane Stream was a place she wanted to be this summer! This internship will allow Mary to gain valuable experience in a field she is passionate about. Her favorite moments so far have been helping teach the kids horse anatomy and watching the kids improve each week. She has also just started the process of working towards her PATH Intl. certification. Fun fact, Mary has been riding for about 6 years, and has a huge soft spot for animals!

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Emma Newman

Emma just finished her junior year at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA where she’s majoring in Psychology and minoring in English. She stumbled upon Mane Stream’s internship when she performed a Google search for “equine-assisted therapies”. Emma’s ridden for over 11 years! She’s volunteered for the Special Olympics and worked with a boy with special needs where she used to ride and thought this would be a great way to further her experience and test her skills. Emma is interested in learning more about what’s involved with counseling with the help of a horse as this is a career that’s top on her list. She also grew up with relatives with disabilities and believes this type of therapy could be extremely beneficial for them. In the future, she’d like to work towards her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, with a focus on using a horse or sports psychology.

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Jocelyn Struble

Jocelyn came to Mane Stream to do her internship because we offer so many programs for so many people, all with the help of a horse! This is what she wants to do with the rest of her life…become an Adaptive Riding Instructor. At Mane Stream, she is learning from everyone (staff, volunteers, participants, and horses) which is increasing her knowledge in adaptive riding and teaching in general. Jocelyn is going into her senior year at Wilson College where she is majoring in Equine Facilitated Therapeutics with a minor in Special Education. She is also halfway through the process of becoming a certified instructor in Pennsylvania and then plans to get her PATH Intl. certification. As a final note, Jocelyn stated, “All I want to do is help others for the rest of my life, what better way than with horses?”

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Lily Fosburgh

Lily found Mane Stream through a friend who was talking about the orientation & training sessions. Her mom had been prompting her to find something to do for the summer so she decided to sign up for the next training. She has loved horses since she was a young kid. She also loves helping people and giving back to the community. So Mane Stream seemed to be the perfect combination of both, and it turned out to be even better than she expected.

After volunteering for two summers in a row Lily decided that it would be an amazing opportunity to broaden her horizons even more within Mane Stream. As a rising senior in high school Lily will be applying for colleges this fall and though it will look good on her resume, spending time with the kids, volunteers, horses, and staff is her priority. Mane Stream is her “happy place” where she can forget about stress from work and school because she knows that what she’s doing is making somebody else’s day better. Lily is always excited to come to Mane Stream because each time is unique. She is looking forward to getting work experience as a leader but knows she’ll have fun with it from all sides. She believes this internship will prepare her not only for college but also for the rest of my life. Volunteering so far has taught me so much and I know I can learn more every day.

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Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry intends to pursue a career in Therapeutic Recreation after graduating from York College of Pennsylvania. She was drawn to Mane Stream for her summer internship because of its hands-on experience, and opportunity to test her knowledge and opportunities to apply the skills she learns. She hopes to learn more about bettering the quality of life of the individuals who attend the programs at Mane Stream, as well as what it takes to implement new programs. In her spare time, Sarah loves to spend time outside, hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking. One day she’d love to try camping!