Therapists from Around the World Come to Mane Stream

Hippotherapy Treatment Principles Part II

Mane Stream was excited to be a host facility for the American Hippotherapy Association, Inc. Hippotherapy Treatment Principles Part II June 13th-16th. Ten therapists from around the world (including Canada and Chile!) spent four days learning from AHA, Inc. faculty Gina Taylor, MS, OT, HPCS and Meredith Bazaar, MS, CCC-SLP, HPCS about the ins and outs of utilizing equine movement as part of a client's integrated plan of care.

We had a great mix of professionals at the course with all three disciplines (OT, PT, & SLP) represented. Course participants honed their knowledge of equine movement by evaluating members of the Mane Stream herd and then used that knowledge when learning how to match a horse to a patient.

Mane Stream is so thankful to Victoria, Carlo, and Tess for coming to Mane Stream two days in a row to let our course participants practice how to use equine movement during co-treatments. When not with the patients, course participants learned about different types of equipment, handling, and ways to maintain horses utilized for hippotherapy.

A dinner was held Saturday night where course participants got to sit with Gina and Meredith and discuss the different certifications that are available through the American Hippotherapy Certification Board. Mane Stream is excited for all the new friends that we made and wish them all the best in their adventure of incorporating hippotherapy into their treatment session.

The next AHA, Inc. course being held at Mane Stream is AHA Course: The Sensory Connection on October 19 & 20.