Tack Sale Results are Epic!

When the line of cars starts forming outside the main gate at 7:00 am, you know the day is going to be EPIC! And that's exactly what happened on Saturday, April 6th for the Mane Stream Spring Tack Sale.

According to Equine Manager, Jen Dermody and Barn Manager, Holland Kochanski, this was the largest Mane Stream Tack Sale EVER, resulting in record breaking sales of $8,500. The great deals on wonderful saddles and a LARGE selection of tack trunks that all sold, were part of why this sale was such a success. But it could not have reached EPIC proportions without all the generous donations from the surrounding horse community and the substantial donations of NEW bridles, girths, saddle pads, boots, reins, and martingales from local Prestige distributor.

Thank you to everyone who helps spread the word about our Tack Sales, you made this one an EPIC success! Tell your friends and share on social media - it makes a big impact. THANK YOU and keep it up!

Don’t forget Mane Stream accepts donations of tack and other horse related items ALL YEAR LONG. You can help make the Fall Tack Sale a success by donating now or setting up a tack drive at your barn or school!

Contact Jen Dermody jen@manestreamnj.org if you need to schedule a pick for large quantities.