Seniors Learning to Lead!

Each visit is filled with special moments both touching and funny. 

Eight members from the Adult Day Center of Somerset County visited the farm twice more since their first visit in April and they spent time in the barn grooming and getting to know and love our horses. 

It has been amazing to see the members who have come all three times become more comfortable and confident with each visit. It doesn't matter if they grew up with horses or not. One member told us she has never been around horses at all but you would never know it by the way she went to work grooming an extremely muddy white Welsh pony named Mel. (The therapy volunteers who arrived shortly after this group left have no idea how much work they were spared.) 

This most recent group included a spry gentleman who grew up on a farm in Roanoke, VA. He told us he used to plow fields using horses because tractors were in short supply due to the war [Korean War]. This jokester was so comfortable leading little pony Justin he was cracking jokes saying, "I charge $.50 an hr!" and stopped to pose for a picture giving Justin some "bunny ears".