Kids Edition of Horses for Healing


It's true that cancer knows no age and Mane Stream's Horses for Healing 6-week program made a big difference in these kids' lives. Daniel & Katelyn have overcome fear, learned new skills, increased their balance and developed a love for horses. 

Both children live in the same town and were in preschool together.  Their parents heard about Horses for Healing, our FREE program for those living with, recovering from, and living life after cancer. Since one child had just finished cancer treatment and the other just beginning they decided to sign up together. 

During our interview, Katelyn stated when asked did you have fun? “Yes! Yes, I’m going to miss Tink!” Katelyn’s favorite part was brushing Tink and trotting and she would like to continue to learn to ride.

Daniel’s father stated, “Of all of the therapies he’s been through, this one has a lasting impact. All week he is talking about riding. He’s excited to come back each week - we don’t get that with PT, OT, & SLT [speech]. He talks about it at school and he knows which day of the week he rides. Daniel often says, “Tomorrow I ride horses!”

Daniel’s father also mentioned, “Improving balance was an important part for us.  Daniel has been able to figure out how to balance [on the horse]. Though he still has a way to go.” He also wrote after the program's last session, "Daniel loved riding yesterday! He even told me riding a horse was "better than the letter U" (the letter of the week in school).

Summer Sessions of Horses for Healing are still available.
(June 18 - July 9 and July 16 - August 6).

Please contact Kelly Champion at