Confirmation Service Project

Sophie Wayner.jpg

"Shoes for Shoes" program brings in the $ while saving the environment.

Sophie Wayner, a sophomore at Westfield High School and C-1 member of Somerset Hills Pony Club was looking for a confirmation service project that supported her love of horses and their healing effects.

Currently boarding and training in dressage at Hunt’s End Farm in Gladstone, Sophie stated that “horses are more than my hobby, they are medicine for me. Since childhood, I have struggled with multiple sensory issues and challenges. I always have been interested in therapeutic riding as a whole and personally have donated tack to the Mane Stream Tack Sale last year.” 

That’s where “Shoes for Shoes” comes in! Sophie started her own shoe collection and obviously chose her location well because in just 1 month she collected 239 pairs of shoes. They will be sorted, boxed and sent all over the world to be worn by people in need. And the best part is that Mane Stream will receive $.50 a pound which will go directly to help pay for our horses shoes.

The horses think you're awesome Sophie! And we do too!!