Cicada Volunteer: Lizzie Le-Orlando

That’s right, when volunteers come back after a break of a few years, they are dubbed “cicadas”. We love our volunteers and when they return to Mane Stream we are especially excited. 

Lizzie LeOrlando.jpeg

From the minute Lizzie filled out her Volgistics profile we knew it would be a match made in heaven for Mane Stream and Lizzie. She wrote, “I’m looking to fill my spare time doing something meaningful. I've always enjoyed working with horses and I know that riding is great for everyone. I love that Mane Stream works to provide that experience to people who might not otherwise have access.” 

Lizzie got involved in her high school’s community service club and saw the opportunity to volunteer at Mane Stream. She rode horses when she was in middle school so she thought that Mane Stream would be a great fit. When asked about her first volunteer experiences at here Lizzie said, “I was very shy but I remember looking up to the staff and older volunteers who were great role models because of their warmth and compassion.” 

Lizzie danced ballet for 13 years and was contemplating becoming a ballerina. But, breaking her foot junior year confirmed dancing would be more of a hobby than a career path. Her other passion had always been mathematics which led to work towards an actuary degree at Rutgers University. However, she decided she wanted to do something she felt passionate about and that would make a difference in the community. 

There are several nurses in Lizzie’s family and when they shared their experiences with her, and she realized a career in nursing would fulfill all her requirements. She is thrilled to be graduating this May with a nursing degree and is excited about securing a nursing job upon graduation. When she is not studying or giving of her time here at Mane Stream she enjoys reading, according to Lizzie she comes from a family of bookworms.

Lizzie returned to a regular Monday therapy volunteer slot about 10 months ago and is always willing to work as a sub. She has also been involved with our Matheny School and summer camp programs. We’re hoping that her future job will leave time for Lizzie to help with camp again this year since it holds a special place in her heart.

Lizzie says that her favorite memory of Mane Stream is volunteering for summer camp. At summer camp she enjoyed getting to know all the riders and seeing them make friends with each other. Lizzie especially enjoyed the summer camp horse show and painting the horse in front of the barn.

Lizzie is a dedicated and compassionate volunteer and everyone here at Mane Stream feels honored she is part of the Mane Stream family. Thanks for coming back Lizzie!