The Herd's Holiday Wishlist

All of the Mane Stream herd is on the nice list this year! They have each added to the holiday wish list hoping to find something special under the tree or in their stocking at the holiday open house. (Of course, treats are always a favorite) Please check out the holiday wish list to see what your favorite horse is asking for this year.

Blaze - Stall Guard  (Black/Grey)
Buzz - Fly Mask (Horse Size)
Chandler - Cross Tie (Black)
Dart - Fly Mask (Small Pony)
Justin - Fly Mask (Small Pony)
Minnie - Cotton Lead Rope (Sky blue/black)
Myrell - Bell Boots (Black/XL)
Ian - #10 Clipper Blades or T-84 Clipper Blades
Tink - Fly Bonnet  (Black/Cob)
Sam - Fly Bonnet (Black/Pony)
Joe - Mosquito Halt
Dorito - Breakaway Halter (Black/horse)
Arjo - Mosquito Halt
Mel - Fly Bonnet (Black/Pony)