Volunteer Spotlight - Leroy Hunninghake

We periodically spotlight our volunteers and this month Volunteer Coordinator, Rebecca Jablonski, has chosen Leroy!

Why you ask? Well…

Leroy’s dedication and enthusiasm about each program we offer hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Leroy’s dedication and enthusiasm about each program we offer hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Leroy is a valuable NEW member to our Mane Stream volunteer team. His dedication and enthusiasm about each program we offer hasn’t gone unnoticed. Instructors and therapists alike have expressed their appreciation in having Leroy as part of their lessons and sessions. He takes advantage of every opportunity to learn the different aspects of what we do here. If Leroy is available to participate in a continuing education class or fill in a substitute spot, he will do it! His capability in the barn and flexibility with each program is something every staff member values. Rebecca reiterated, “I am so glad to have Leroy as part of the Mane Stream family. I look forward to working with him to continue making our barn part of his family.”

About Leroy…

Leroy has been in the IT field for the last 26 years. Currently he is a contractor at Chubb Insurance as an IT systems analyst for their House Counsel department. Outside of work he’s passionate about being outdoors. Some of his favorite activities are kayaking and taking his puppy for walks and visits to the dog park.

Leroy came to Mane Stream quite by chance. One day a co-worker told him she volunteers at an organization that provides equine related services in PA. He’d driven by Mane Stream for many years and had mentioned it to a longtime friend whose son has special needs. Last July when he stopped by Mane Stream, his friend was in the lobby with his son who was waiting to begin his therapy session. That kind of settled things!

Leroy is equally excited to work in both the adaptive and therapy programs. Each participant teaches him something about them, as well as about himself. After not having been around a horse for over 25 years, he loves working with them again. He’s also amazed at what they offer each participant. Like his recently adopted puppy, he doesn’t know if he’s adopted Mane Stream or they’ve adopted him. Likely a bit of both!

You rock Leroy! And we’ll see you tomorrow right?! JK! Well, actually…

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Visit our Volunteer Section of the website. Then create your Volunteer Profile and sign up for the an orientation & training session. We’ve got several to choose from in the next few months.