Jeanne Rogalin - Board Member, Volunteer and Innovative Funder

Jeanne Rogalin leading Norwegian Fjord Horse, Minnie during an Adaptive Riding Lesson.   photography by: AbigailThomasNJ

Jeanne Rogalin leading Norwegian Fjord Horse, Minnie during an Adaptive Riding Lesson. 
photography by: AbigailThomasNJ

If you are at Mane Stream on Tuesday afternoons beginning around 3:00pm, you might have had the pleasure of meeting Jeanne Rogalin. She has been part of the Mane Stream community since 2014, is an adaptive riding volunteer and the current secretary of the Mane Stream Board of Directors. Outside of Mane Stream, Jeanne is mom to two children, step-mom to five children, grandma to one child, wife, softball player, REALTOR and horse owner. Jeanne started riding 16 years ago with her daughter Meg and owned Bradley until he retired to a farm in Maryland a few years ago. “I get my horse fix when I volunteer at Mane Stream.” says Jeanne.

A former colleague brought Jeanne to Mane Stream. They got to chatting about horses after Jeanne’s colleague noticed a horse-themed bracelet that Jeanne was wearing. The colleague was a donor and attendee of Mane Stream’s Equus gala and told Jeanne that she should look into getting involved here. Jeanne did look into Mane Stream and it is a perfect fit. 

Jeanne is the definition of a working Board member - stuffing envelopes, leading horses during lessons, taking notes during meetings, tracking items for our gala - no job is out of bounds. Currently a REALTOR/Sales Associate with Keller Williams, Jeanne’s professional experience is as varied as her volunteer roles at Mane Stream. Past careers include preschool teacher, marketing support representative for Apple, Inc., sales executive for a high end printer company and a production manager for a small advertising company.

In addition to the time and expertise Jeanne shares with Mane Stream’s clients and riders, she and her husband, school principal Roger, are generous donors to our programs. And, because she is so passionate about our mission and very creative, she thought of a way to increase her family’s financial impact while introducing more people to Mane Stream’s programs. First, she has information about Mane Stream on the back of her business card and, every time Jeanne lists a home, she donates 10% of her net commission to Mane Stream. Over the years that has meant almost $4,000 in gifts to Mane Stream! Not to mention the numerous clients she has educated about our programs. 

We all know that the real estate business is about referrals and building a network. Mane Stream benefits even more when members of the Mane Stream community use Jeanne’s services or refer someone to her.

jEANNE will donate 20% of her net commission to us!

Starting in June, in honor of national cancer survivors month, all of Jeanne’s commission donations will be directed to our Horses for Healing program for individuals living life with, recovering from or living life after cancer.

If you or someone you know is planning on buying or selling a home, please consider working with Jeanne. You’ll be working with an experienced and knowledgeable REALTOR and helping to support one of Mane Stream’s signature programs. 

To contact Jeanne directly simply send her an email.