We’re Grateful for Their Service!

Did you know that Mane Stream now hosts a monthly volunteer program with the PTSD unit of the Veteran’s Administration in Lyons, NJ?

This month 15 veterans who served in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq came to the barn to learn about volunteering at Mane Stream. These opportunities teach basic horsemanship and care but more importantly they give the Veterans a chance to experience the "Power of Connection" first hand through grooming and spending time with our 4-legged staff.

It’s amazing what one hour on the farm can do for them…and for us! Smiles and warmth exude from these brave servicemen and our once muddy horses are now clean and ready for a packed afternoon schedule of Adaptive Riding. 

They have given so much already to our country…and now they continue to give to Mane Stream. We are so grateful for their service. Thank you so much to Ronnie and the crew from Lyons as well as our own Mane Stream Volunteer Mentors who are also military veterans themselves. Their skills and shared experiences made for instant camaraderie.

Mane Stream Volunteers
Paul Carro, Rick Fassett, Dennis Klasna, Raymond Litwitz, Lauren Salvani, Robert Sims

These stunning photos below show how special a trip to Mane Stream is for everyone. Thank you brand new volunteer Kira Theesfeld of Abigail Thomas Photography!