Who's feeling appreciated now?

Mane Stream celebrates serving the community for 45 years in 2017...and it wouldn't have been possible without its VOLUNTEERS! 

Starting on Monday, April 10th the staff and parents of participants spent the week thanking the volunteers in person for their time, talent & treasure.  

This year, Volunteer Appreciation Week was celebrated with drinks, treats & games in the breezeway.  On one wall  a "Thank you for your Helping Hands Tree" with 45 reasons of thanks (listed below) grew daily with why everyone at Mane Stream is thankful for the volunteers.  

The extra special treats this year were the Mane Stream Volunteer T-Shirts, graciously funded by the following sponsors. Thank you, everyone loves them!

2017 Grey Volunteer Appreciation T-shirts

2017 Grey Volunteer Appreciation T-shirts

Green Rock Recycling
Kurt Hoffman Engineering
Performance Tire Co.
Pine Woods Farm
Mark Seguine Excavating
Roger & Jeanne Rogalin  

Additional gifts of Mane Stream Swag were won by choosing an egg from the Easter basket. Volunteers could also try the two "Guess How Many Jellybeans" challenges. A few Peeps mashed in there definitely made it a little harder, didn't it?  Winners received the glasses and their sweet contents. Winners: Grace Sedlazek & Debi DeLorenzo

If you are a volunteer who has not received your volunteer shirt,
stop in to say Hi & receive yours!

45 Thanks for 45 Years of Service

Thank you for..

  1. Choosing Mane Stream.
  2. Celebrating the big & little accomplishments that our riders & clients make each week!
  3. Keeping the barn beautiful & organized.
  4. Taking the time to learn & appreciate the horses’ (& staff’s!) personality quirks!
  5. Staying late at night & working until your feet hurt! With a smile no less.
  6. Becoming part of our Mane Stream team.
  7. The warm welcome you give to Mane Stream staff member’s!
  8. Showing genuine compassion to the staff in times of stress or need.
  9. Being our support staff for our instructors & therapists.
  10. Handling the myriad of office tasks helping us to save time.
  11. Your patience when things get busy.
  12. Being committed to Mane Stream.
  13. Spreading the word about Mane Stream everywhere you go!
  14. Sharing your endless talents!
  15. Jumping in wherever & for whatever we need you.
  16. Giving up your time to help others.
  17. All that you do as every little thing matters.
  18. Hours & hours of walking while your fingers & toes were slowly freezing.
  19. Your kind words spoken to participants who may have needed a little extra help.
  20. Always being prepared & ready to do your best, even if you are having an off day!
  21. Showing up even when you weren’t feeling up to it.
  22. Subbing at last minute because you knew we were in a bind.
  23. Thinking of ways to make tasks easier for everyone.
  24. Taking the time to share your knowledge.
  25. Hours spent canvassing local businesses looking for silent auction items.
  26. Helping with the necessary yet repetitive office work before an event.
  27. Being our muscle for clean up & set up for events.
  28. Keeping the participants safe!
  29. Taking an interest in therapy sessions & asking questions! It shows you genuinely care!
  30. Finding a way to connect with patients in therapy to help them be their best!
  31. Making it possible for our children to get the best out of their horses & their therapists. 
  32. Always greeting the clients with a smile.
  33. Checking each horse from head to tail before & after each lesson or therapy session.
  34. Trudging out to field #6 in torrential rain & knee deep mud to get a pony.
  35. Caring for our horses like they are your own.
  36. Doing stalls even though we know that’s not why you became a volunteer.
  37. Coming back each week when you know the dirty work that needs to be done!
  38. Joining in with Pony, Pony, Horse during camp.
  39. Being willing to spend the entire day out in the sun when it is 90+ degrees.
  40. Being so sweet when you walk my daughter out to her lesson.
  41. Trying to engage my daughter when she not appear to want to socialize.
  42. Making our participants part of your team.
  43. Not making fun of the staff when they look a hot mess after being in the barn all day.
  44. Sporting your Mane Stream wear, covered in hair, dirt, & pony kisses, with pride!
  45. The bags of carrots, apples, & treats that appear in the barn aisle!