Born and raised in Tewksbury with a passion for horses. 

That sounds pretty typical but...

black&whiteAmy Gimbel.png

...there is something that’s definitely NOT typical about the newest Mane Stream Board Member, Amy Gimbel. Asked to reveal something quirky about herself, Amy said that she loves going to the dentist! Intrigued aren’t you? 

Starting at 10 years old, Amy became a working student for Heather Mason and it truly was a home away from home. Now, her mornings, evenings and weekends are spent riding, competing in dressage and playing with her dogs while her weekday hours are spent working for Markel Global in Summit as a Reinsurance Underwriter. This is more typical right?

Amy tells us that she is impressed by the welcoming and positive atmosphere at Mane Stream, and she’s looking forward to helping us influence the lives of our program participants while sharing her love for horses. She is enthusiastic about helping to expand our fundraising efforts, to ensure that our mission and spirit are constantly revitalized by the coming generations.  

Everyone is thankful that Amy has committed to sharing her time, energy and the Mane Stream success stories to help promote the valuable services provided here at Mane Stream.

Quirky note #2…if you set your alarm for 5:30am you won’t be getting up at the same time as Amy. She’ll be in bed until 5:32am because she never sets her alarm clock on zeros or fives.