Volunteer Survey Results Are In!

Thanks for your feedback!

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Emily Seguine, sent out the first Mane Stream Volunteer Feedback Survey at the beginning of the year & the results are in! The thoughtful time volunteers spent replying will help improve your volunteer experience at Mane Stream.
We are using your feedback to address four main concerns:

  1. A list of additional barn tasks
  2. Someone to help direct those assignments
  3. Online viewing of volunteer session sign ups & available sub spots
  4. Volunteer advancement/educational clinics

We also want to thank everyone who has remembered to: 

  1. Be flexible! It's necessary as a Mane Stream Volunteer to be flexible. When clients cancel at the last minute and we try to contact you ASAP because we truly don't want to waste your time.  
  2. Update your profile! Updating the "communication options" makes it easier for us to contact you regarding cancellations and time changes.
  3. Let us know exactly what programs you want to volunteer for!

Please note that Emily will continue to communicate mostly by emails and phone calls. If you'd like to receive text messages make sure you opt in and we'll be starting this service in the next couple of months.  Emily, the instructors & therapists and all the Mane Stream staff are always available if you'd like to provide feedback in person.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts!
Look for the changes in 2017.  

See below for a couple of statistics from the survey.