Looking for a Summer Internship?

Summer Camp Needs YOU!

Mane Stream loves to work with motivated and enthusiastic teens and young adults! 

CITs (14-18yrs.) & Summer Interns (19+)

We are looking for volunteer Counselors in Training and Interns to help us this summer at camp. Applicants should be flexible, self-motivated, mature, interested in horses and in working with our diverse group of campers. CITs will spend their time working directly with our campers helping to ensure that our camp program is successful. This group of leaders will collaborate with camp staff to develop activities for campers and will help organize and manage other program volunteers. 

Summer interns can choose from a variety of assignments including working with Summer Camp, Therapy Services, Adaptive Riding, Farm & Equine Management, Office (Administrative/Marketing/Development), and Volunteer Management. Interns should be able to take direction and be able to work with that direction to project completion. This is a professional work environment with a light hearted culture. Those interns who are able to see a challenge or opportunity and jump in with a solution without being asked will be a huge asset to Mane Stream. We pride ourselves on team work, adaptability and "making it work" with what we have available.

Who do we accept?
For our new CIT program we are looking for 14-18 year olds. To be an intern you must be 19+ years old and can be in college, graduate school, or looking for a career change. An internship at Mane Stream provides a chance to personally develop and explore career possibilities.

What's Your Commitment?
8 week-long sessions from 8:30AM to 2:30PM Monday-Friday. Come for a couple weeks or the whole 8 weeks! 

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