Answering the call for 15 years!

Wishing you a happy retirement Paul Geyer! 

Wishing you a happy retirement Paul Geyer! 

A volunteer for almost 15 years, Paul Geyer has extensive experience working with horses and as a volunteer at Mane Stream. As a leader, sidewalker, and everything in between, Paul has continually answered our calls and emails for “Subs Needed” week after week even with a full time job! 

Paul began his journey as a horseman with trail riding horses and progressed to riding the hounds, or foxhunting, before finding his true love, playing polo. He learned the ins and outs of how to play polo by riding next to his friend, a more experienced polo player. 

Polo became Paul’s obsession and he played and owned polo ponies for approximately 25 years. Although he no longer plays, Paul remains very involved in the polo community. He  attends polo matches at the Tinicum Polo Club in Erwinna, Pennsylvania, the club he played at during his polo career. 

After seeing an advertisement in the newspaper to volunteer at Mane Stream, previously known as Somerset Hills Handicapped Riding Center, Paul was motivated to use his equestrian experience as a volunteer.

Similar to other volunteers, Paul loves his interactions with clients and the jokes and insights that they provide during lessons. It makes him feel useful, knowing that parents or caregivers of clients are able take a break from the stressful job of being a parent or caregiver 24/7. He knows that they appreciate lessons just as much as the riders do, as it provides them a short time to relax. 

Paul also appreciates each of the horses in the barn, and each of their idiosyncrasies and what makes them, them. One pony, which stands out to Paul the most is Dart, known around the barn as the “cutest pony in the world.” When he looks at Dart, he can’t help but think that “There is a poor girl out there who outgrew Dart, and was probably heartbroken.” 

Paul’s love for volunteering is clear, and he encourages people to make time for volunteering, no matter what amount of hours they can commit to.

He said to...
“First, come over and find out what it's all about. If you can't put in the commitment, try to substitute when you are available to. Start off with being a substitute, and spend some time with the participants, and you will realize that you get so much more of out it than anything else you may do to fill any free time. Everyone has a couple of hours during the week, at some time, to come over and do it. You’ll get so much out of it and find out that it's so worthwhile.”

Thank you, Paul, for all of your time and dedication to Mane Stream. We will miss you more than you can imagine!

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