Updating Your Volgistics Profile

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Have you updated your profile yet for the Winter Season?

When you update all the information, especially your availability, you help the Volunteer Coordinator when she's desperately looking for a last minute substitute. Please include assignment preferences so we know what other programs you are interested in here at Mane Stream. And add a profile picture to help the instructors and therapists learn your name quicker!  Update your "My Profile" tab now. (link)

Have you checked out how many service hours you have?

Check out the "My Service History" tab to see how many hours you have volunteered. Thank you for each and everyone! Check it out! (link)

Have you opted in to receive text messages?

If you do then you won't have to check your email to see if your time slot has been changed or cancelled. Just follow the steps to opt in for that option under the "Account" tab if you choose! Please also opt in to receive General Communication and Assignment Cancellations.  Opt In Now! (link)

Have you ever wanted to see what volunteer slots are open? 

Thanks to VOLGISTICS you'll soon have the technology to sign up to volunteer for a session or an individual sub spot. Check it out! (link)

Get started NOW and then save this link
so YOU can update frequently.