Volunteer Spotlight: Anne Poltorak

Here are a few words from Mane Stream Adaptive Riding Instructor, Casey McMahon praising the dedicated Anne Poltorak.

Anne is an extremely dedicated volunteer who gives 110% to our herd and our mission.

In the five years Anne has been with Mane Stream, she has always been forthcoming with helping in any aspect. Anne takes initiative to fulfill tasks whenever she is not helping in a lesson and never has idle hands on our property. As a horse-woman, she is more than willing to get her hands dirty mucking sheds, cleaning buckets, and giving the horses the care they need. She is a fantastic leader who truly cares about the riders she helps. Her generosity grows as she not only gives her time, but continually donates things we need around the barn as well. She is such an amazing asset to our volunteer team!

Directly from Anne...

What made you come to Mane Stream? 
1)       My horse Buddy became very ill and was transported to Dr. Furlong’s facility for treatment.  Unfortunately, Buddy never recovered from his illness and I had to make the painstaking decision to put him to sleep.  During his time at Dr. Furlong’s, I would pass by Mane Stream.  The loss of Buddy was very hard on me.  It took me several months to grieve this loss.  I knew that I could not afford another horse  but wanted so much to be involved in some sort of horse activity.  When traveling back and forth to Dr. Furlong, I had noticed the volunteer sign hanging out by the road at Mane Stream, then known as Somerset Hills looking for volunteers.  I called in February, 2011 and spoke to  Carol Ferris, Volunteer Coordinator and signed up.

How long have you been at Mane Stream? 
2)      I have participated as a volunteer at Mane Stream since April, 2011 after I completed the new volunteer orientation.

What's the most rewarding part?
3)      Certainly, working with the horses whether grooming, leading or even cleaning their stalls is rewarding for me but working with the participant riders and watching their skill set grow and seeing the joy they experience while riding is so special to me.  So many years I have ridden and competed and received great joy at my accomplishments but now I can give this joy of riding to other riders.

Your advice for new volunteers:
4)      Always work safe. Work with a seasoned volunteer to get a good understanding of the process and procedure.  Even if you are a seasoned horse person you still need to be mindful of the different tack used and how it is worn, and do everything with a smile. 

Who is your favorite horse: 
5)      All the horses are my favorite.  If I choose one in particular it is Carson.

Hobbies outside of volunteering at Mane Stream: 
6)      Hobbies outside of Mane Stream would be horseback riding, gardening and spending time at the Jersey shore.