What do these people have in common?

They come to Mane Stream to improve their confidence, self-esteem, and overall quality of life!

These are the many different faces of Mane Stream. Each participant comes with a different story and we as a center provide services to people with emotional, medical and physical challenges. From Autism to PTSD,  post-concussion syndrome to anxiety, Arthogryposis to a global developmental delay, many of these disorders and challenges present with no outward appearances.   

Parents of children with special needs often struggle to find a breakthrough therapy or activity for their child. Thankfully, many local doctors and other professionals have witnessed the breakthroughs of their patients, students and friends who have come to Mane Stream; they in turn continue to refer participants to us hoping to see even more success stories.

Each participant at Mane Stream is unique and comes with their own set of challenges and difficulties. An adolescent suffered a serious injury which resulted in post-concussion syndrome and is now working on resuming their previous level of riding in a safe and supportive environment.  A young child is working through ADHD and anxiety and only finds release in the barn and riding horses. A pediatric client with Arthogryposis, a disorder that affects the muscles around joints, which can be either thin, weak, stiff or missing, comes to Mane Stream for occupational therapy in order to one day run on the beach. An adult who suffers from PTSD has difficulty reconnecting with other individuals in their daily life comes to Mane Stream to feel connected and understood by another living being. These are just some of the stories of participants at Mane Stream.

As donors and volunteers at Mane Stream, without your help we would not be able to improve the lives of participants like these and many more. Outward appearances are not all that they seem and at first glance it is not always apparent what a participant might be dealing with physically, cognitively, or emotionally. We thank you for all that you provide each day, each week, and each year!

Mane Stream, located in Oldwick, New Jersey, is one of the few Premier Accredited Centers in the state. It is also a facility member of the American Hippotherapy Association.  Your contributions are needed today to help us continue to provide novel, engaging, and beneficial services to the children, adolescents, and adults who participate in the many different unique and beneficial programs that Mane Stream has to offer.