Everybody loves Doritos!

Especially this one!!

dorito - vaulting-2.jpg

We would like to welcome Dorito as the newest member of the Mane Stream herd. Thank you to Andrea Davey, everyone loves him already!

Posted on Facebook by Andrea Davey (Dorito's former owner) announcing Dorito's new career...

"With a smile on my face and a tear in my eye, it's my pleasure to announce that Dorito will be joining the Mane Stream family where he will be helping to improve the quality of life for individuals with physical, developmental, and emotional and medical challenges through therapeutic horsemanship. There couldn't be a more perfect horse for this job. He has already made the dreams come true for so many young riders. I look forward to hearing about all the riders that fall in love with him. 

Dorito, I truly can't thank you enough for our time together these past six years. You will forever and always be that "One in a Million" horse to me. 
I want to thank Elena Hernandez and Dianne Doctor for sharing this special horse with me. I want to thank every rider that has ever lessoned/showed him. He loves each and every one of you for all the run times and treats you've given him. He especially wants to thank Judi Zaharoff Schiller for always making sure he had his special treats and anything he needed. 
This is not a good bye but a good luck!!! We know you have to help in making many more dreams come true! We love you, Dorito ❤️"

As you see he is well loved by all who are given the chance to be with him. We at Mane Stream can't wait to see him at work in Summer Camp this year.