Group Workdays Help Keep Mane Stream Lookin' Good!

What's needed around the farm?

A lot!!  Getting Mane Stream ready for all the Fall Events isn't an easy task. The facility needs to be neat, tidy and festive for the Horse Show and Open House. There are tons of Equus Gala preparations that need to be done which usually means CRAFTING, and then there's always the day-today barn work which never ceases. 

Thank goodness for all the local businesses & corporations who come to help anywhere from 3-6 hours. With only 1 part-time facilities staff person we can always use a little help. THANK YOU!!! 

Does your department schedule volunteer outings? Consider Mane Stream for Spring 2017. We need you and we're scheduling now. Just contact our volunteer coordinator, Emily at

Merck Workday: September 21st

This large Merck group tackled a mountain of weeds, barn work, power washing, painting, craft projects and more in their full day at Mane Stream.  And what a lunch spread they put on for all the staff too! Thank you!

Jersey Cares Day (Eli Lilly Workday): September 29th

Coordinated through "Jersey Cares", this Eli Lilly group came not only with man power but also with tons of paint & painting supplies. In addition, they scheduled a delivery of bags of mulch and  loads of mums and pumpkins ensuring the facility would look perfect for the Fall horse show and open house. You are awesome! Thank you so much!

Merck Global Animal Science Workday: November 3rd

This Merck group was comprised of employees from all over the world. After a week long visit strategizing for the coming year they spent the last afternoon putting in some serious manual labor at Mane Stream.  They also logged their volunteer hours with "Merck Gives Back" employee giving program which then sent a donation to Mane Stream. Thank you!!