Mane Stream Presents Awards at Para-Dressage Competition in Wellington, Florida

Thanks to the generosity of Rowan O’Riley, Mane Stream was one of the main sponsors during the Adaquan Global Para-Dressage Competitions in Wellington, Florida this month.

Shown in these pictures are the President of the Board Directors, Linda Dietz and member of the Board of Directors, Julia Greifeld which had the honor of representing Mane Stream and handing out prizes to these amazing athletes this past weekend. While New Jersey was battling winter storm Jonas, Linda remarked, "The para-competitors battled pouring rain and then 50 mph winds and managed to triumphed over all of it.  They were truly inspirational!"

More accounts of the Para-Dressage Week to come once Jen Dermody and Kelly Champion finally get a return flight home.

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