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What a year this has been at Mane Stream. Along with our wonderful long running adaptive riding, Camp Cold Brook and physical, occupational and speech therapy programs we have developed two new and amazing programs. They are Take the Reins for Veterans and Horses for Healing for people dealing with cancer.

Over 170 children and adults with special needs have enjoyed the positive impact of these programs which are so different from, and in many cases more beneficial than other traditional therapies.  

But you don't have to take our word for it. Just listen to comments from a parent, participant and therapist:

 “The benefits  of adaptive riding carries over into our daughter’s life well beyond the actual time spent at the lessons. She speaks often of her horse Mel - how soft her nose is, how nice she is, how her ears turn - and radiates happiness and pride whenever anyone asks her about riding.”  
~ parent of an adaptive riding participant

“Since starting with Take The Reins, I've noticed a major difference with my anxiety. You learn to trust the horse, and the horse puts its' trust in you. No words are spoken, nor need to be spoken, between you and the animal. I've only experienced this form of communication during one other period of my life, and that was in the sands of Iraq.”   ~ a Take the Reins participant

“I know that the beginning of my son’s breakthrough was at the start of his Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) at Mane Stream and he will forever reap the benefits in his everyday life. We hope that other children will have the same opportunities that my son was offered because the reward is far greater than we ever could have imagined"   ~ parent of an equine assisted therapy client

We receive no government funding.  All the money we receive to run our programs comes from donors like you.  And all the money you contribute goes directly to our programs. 

You can help keep the smiles on the faces you see in these photos;
help them continue to gain the physical and emotional strength
that comes from the time they spend on our amazing horses.

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