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Current Mane Stream Volunteers will be notified via email several weeks before the start of each session to signup for Adaptive Riding Lessons, Therapy Sessions, Horse for Healing Sessions, and the Spring & Fall Matheny session. If you have not received an email recently please contact

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Summer Camp

Mane Stream Volunteers who have previously attended a general orientation and training will need to also register and attend a camp training which will cover agency policies, child & adolescent development, cultural competency, CPR & First Aid, recognition & reporting of child abuse and neglect, infectious disease control, interpersonal communication and effective listening, limit-setting and boundaries, conflict resolution, impulse control and anger management, to ensure a positive and safe experience for volunteers and campers alike.

Tell us you want to become a camp volunteer:  Contact as soon as possible. You will be added to the camp training session schedule if there are spots remaining. Your spot will be confirmed via email, or you will be notified if the training session you chose has been filled.
Camp Training Sessions: Monday, May 7 from 6:00-7:00pm, Saturday, May 19 10:00-11:00am, Thursday, June 7 from 6:00-7:00pm, Saturday, June 9 from 2:30-3:30pm


 Meg Mikrut helping package up the bags that get dropped off weekly in between adaptive riding lessons. Thank you Meg!

Meg Mikrut helping package up the bags that get dropped off weekly in between adaptive riding lessons. Thank you Meg!


We need your help to keep the herd in shoes all year long!!  Mane Stream wants shoes that you no longer wear but are still in good condition. Mane Stream has partnered with Shoebox Recycling to keep shoes out of landfills, provide affordable footwear to people in developing nations and raise much needed funds for Mane Stream.

We will pack them in postage paid boxes provided by Shoebox Recycling and they will send us a check for $0.50 per pound of shoes.  Our GOAL is to raise enough money to cover farrier costs for the Mane Stream herd.  That’s a lot of shoes, so we hope you will help!

We even provide you with signs for you to hang at your shoe collection spot that explain the program and list the shoes that are and are not accepted. Contact: Louisa Bartok at