Continuing Education Units

We invest time to make YOU the best volunteer you can be. Throughout the year we offer a variety of CEUs to help you provide the best experience for the participants. Always check the EVENTS Page to see the schedule.

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Grooming - The Basics & More

You’ve been through orientation and training want more time to brush up your skills! What do you use first, the curry comb or the shedding blade? Learn without the stress of a deadline so that you are comfortable when you show up for your volunteer time slot. CHECK EVENTS PAGE FOR DATE



What’s different between therapy & adaptive tack? Master putting on nosebands and stirrups (tape to tail, bump to belly?!). Learn without the stress of a deadline so that you are comfortable when you show up for your volunteer time slot. Ask ALL your questions and then TACK LIKE A PRO! CHECK EVENTS PAGE FOR DATE

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horse behavior

Learn the basics of equine behavior! What does it mean when a horse pins their ears back? How do you know if a horse is about to spook? Why do horses swing their tails? This is your time to ask ALL your questions so that you can keep our clients and horses safe. CHECK EVENTS PAGE FOR DATE



You know where the head and tail are, now learn about everything in between! What a stifle? Where is it located? Why does a horse need one? This interactive workshop will give you insight on why we transfer clients the way we do using the lift and so much more. CHECK EVENTS PAGE FOR DATE


basic sign language

Have you felt out of the loop trying to communicate with our participants who use sign-language? Be an integral part of our participants experience by learning the basics of sign-language and additional equine and riding related signs. Learn from Mane Stream’s own Speech-Language Pathologist, Melanie Dominko-Richards who will guide you through a fun and interactive learning experience. CHECK EVENTS PAGE FOR DATE


Celebrate Better Hearing & Speech Month! Learn different communication styles and modalities and ways in which you can interact and build positive relationships with our participants. CHECK EVENTS PAGE FOR DATE


EQUINE Movement Experience

Experience equine movement firsthand and understand why the treatment strategy of hippotherapy can be beneficial to our client. This CEU will allow up to 4 volunteers experience equine movement first hand, understand the different types of movement that our horses give, and why this treatment strategy is integrated into our client's plans of care. Sign up for this class size is on first come/first serve basis and does have a weight limit of 200 lbs. CHECK EVENTS PAGE FOR DATE


long lining for therapy

What is long lining? Why do we do it? What are the advantages & limitations? This is a great opportunity for volunteers who would like to learn more about long lining AND for the current longliners to brush up on their skills! This is a classroom based experience with a long-lining demonstration. CHECK EVENTS PAGE FOR DATE